Prewire of El Paso has been serving the greater El Paso area for over 36 years. Sharon Drury has served as President and CEO of the company since its inception in 1982.

Prewire of El Paso started out in the construction industry by providing low voltage wiring and security needs for new residential home builders. Prewiring is done during the construction of the home, after electrical and prior to insulation and sheet rock. Prewiring (low voltage wiring) consists of telephone, cable television, security, home theater, central vacuum, camera survelliance, intercoms, etc.

Wiring has changed significantly over the years. In the 80’s prewiring was essentialy for telephones and maybe one or two cable TVs. Today we wire for comfort, convenience, security, entertainment and the future. Every year low voltage wiring tops the consumer’s list of most requested features with home theater and home security leading the way.

Today is a unique time to be in the low voltage business. Even in the world of "Wireless" devices and providers, it still takes wire! There is a huge demand for home theater and structured wiring throughout the home-building industry today. With current economic uncertainty contributing to rising prices in gasoline, entertainment and dining out, more people than ever are opting to entertain themselves in the comfort of their own homes. Today's home theaters can rival the sound and feel of a commercial movie theater making home entertainment a viable alternative to going out.

Structured wiring is becoming a popular option for home buyers. For many, the convenience of having all cabling centralized in a structured communication center is ideal. You can connect, disconnect, choose different providers and monitor your computer, security and cameras from one central point in the house. Smart homes today are convenient and energy efficient. They allow house and swimming pool temperature regulation, security system arming or disarming, complete lighting control and the ability to view the activity in your home all remotely via the internet or your smart phone.